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E-Crime Expert Blog

According to the European Union Directive 95/46/EC with regards to the protection of personal data, this is the privacy statement addressed to the visitors of this website.

This website uses Analytics for statistical purposes only, which requires to use of cookies in order to provide meaningful reports about this site visitors. However, the Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about this website visitors. Here is the (the host of this website) Privacy Statement.

The data is delivered anonymously in the form of a graphic with numbers, and no private person or business can be identified. The administrator (controller) of this website is Dan Manolescu and he can be contacted at:

This website has also a subscription and following section where users can subscribe to receive updates of when new posts are put on the website. The subscription requires a valid email address, which sometimes comes with the subscriber name and avatar picture. This data is considered personal data as it identifies an individual (the subscribers).

There it is no other private persons or entities (recipients) that recieve the personal data on this website (email address, name, Avatar, comments to a post). All the data is accessed just by the Administrator an no further transmitted. The comments if approved by the Controller, they become visible to other visitors of this website. If you want your comment deleted, just contact:

The personal data collected by E-Crime Expert Blog is not used for monetary gain, profiling, monitoring, or to be sold to advertisers. The data is needed and used only for delivering the new updates and posts (for technical reasons), and the users subscribe voluntarily. At anytime the users have the option to cancel their subscription, update their email address or contact the administrator to change, delete, block, object, update, and retrieve their personal data (email address, name, pictures, comments).

The email address, name, avatar, comments which are considered personal data, are kept as long as the subscribers/followers chose to be subscribed to this website. Once they decide to stop following this website, their personal data is automatically deleted and no longer kept.

This website uses a username and password protection measure, and an antivirus on the machine from where the login is performed. This is considered a security measure for unauthorized access to this website and to the visitors’ personal data.

If you have any questions or you want to modify, end subscription for this website, please contact:

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