About this blog

This blog aims to expose:

  • the newest information on privacy and data protection
  • the latest e-crime trends, news, and scam methods
  • the newest information on identity theft

and provide:

  • awareness videos and tutorials, articles and educational programs
  • information on the current legislation
  • support, prevention measures and legal advice

I look forward to your comments, suggestions, criticisms and constructive contributions and possible collaborations.

About E-Crime Expert

E-Crime Expert is a legal consultancy specialized in the fields of data protection, privacy, cybercrime, intellectual property, and the Internet. E-Crime Expert aims to make the Internet a safer place by providing awareness, information and tips to Internet users (children, adults and seniors) to help them protect themselves against e-criminals and scammers.

E-Crime Expert provides the latest information on privacy and data protection legislation and the newest e-crime trends, such as scam, cyber threats, and identity theft methods, through: regular articles and video tutorials posted on the E-Crime Expert website and blog; tailored educational and awareness programs for organizations, schools and companies; and independent consulting.

E-Crime Expert is owned and operated by Dan Manolescu, International Internet and E-Crime Consultant.

E-CRIME EXPERT and the Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) are engaged in a strategic alliance  and partnership to exchange information and technologies, thus helping partner countries against cyber threats, malicious attacks and to provide advance warning and vulnerability data.

For more information visit: www.impact-alliance.org

                                       IMPACT’s Resource Centre


                                                       “An informed user, makes an informed decision!”

For more information, visit: www.e-crimeexpert.com.

  1. October 31, 2012 at 13:09

    I could watch Scndhiler’s List and still be happy after reading this. As a Newbie, I am permanently exploring online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

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