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Did you get a New electronic device for Christmas?

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Happy New Year to everyone! Wish you all the best for this year, but most importantly, I wish you to be healthy and around your families! Also, stay safe!

Maybe for some of you Santa was kind enough and brought you new electronic devices such as a new laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet or smartphone. That sounds exciting, but have you thought what are you going to do with your old electronic device? Giving it away to charity? Selling it on a classified website, or giving it to a family member or friend? In any of these cases you should first be sure that you are not involuntarily sharring your private info and data. For this reason, E-Crime Expert presents again today some tips on how to remove this personal data from your old electronic device before being given away.

Please watch this video tutorial here:

More details are provided bellow:

A large volume of electronic data is stored on computer systems and electronic media. Much of this data consists of confidential and sensitive information, including patient records, financial data, personnel records, and research information.

If you are with a company or organization that accepts donations or properly dismantles computers, electronics, or hard drives, take them there.

If you have a computer or computer equipment that you believe is beyond repair or is too old to be useful take it to a dismantling centre.

Many computer manufacturers and computer hardware manufactures also have their own recycling or trade in programs. When you buy a new computer you could perhaps trade in the old one.

All computer systems, electronic devices and electronic media should be properly cleared of sensitive data and software before being transferred from you to another seller or dismantling centre.

Computer hard drives should be cleared by using software and then be physically destroyed. Non-rewritable media, such as CDs or non-usable hard drives, should be physically destroyed (ie. scratched, broken into pieces).

Try to destroy or dismantle you hard drive, external hard drive, printer, fax, cell phone, computer, camera, web camera, GPS, laptop because all these devices have internal memory where sensitive data is still stocked even if properly deleted manually or with a software.

When you sell an old laptop or PC, try first to “format” your device and reinstall the operating system- If you are not able to do this, at least try to DELETE:

  • All your photos, videos, music files, located on the following folders: Desktop or My Documents, My Music, My videos (Movies),
  • Archives
  • The folder that retrieves your Mail inbox on your computer
  • Recent documents folder
  • Downloads
  • Library folder
  • Data storage folder
  • Maildownloads folder
  • Info.plist document
  • Key chain, the folder that stores your passwords on a computer
  • Cookies folder
  • Calendar folder
  • Printer folder
  • Cache folder
  • Favorites folder
  • Logs folder
  • Web browser (Safari) folder
  • Sync Services folder used for cloud computing or to sync with other devices
  • Address book

Note: these folders are available on a MacBook Pro device (with Snow Leopard  OS), the order or name of the folders  may differ from computer to computer or from one operating system to another. But the principle is the same.

When you sell your used cellular phone try to do a “factory data reset” and all the information and personal settings will be removed. This is mandatory when you sell your used device.

Step 1: go to settings

Step 2: select SD&phone storage

Step 3: select Factory data reset

This should reset all your information on your phone.

Note: these folders are available on HTC Desire running on Android version 2.2. 

Any questions can be submitted to:

Additional information can be found at:

Have you ever used any of those methods? Are you thinking to use any of them? How do you dispose of your electronic devices and gadgets you no longer use?

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Warning: Steve Jobs new scam

October 9, 2011 6 comments

Nowadays it is a new scam circulating around the Internet, mostly on Facebook.

Do not click on any link that comes along with any message that claims to give away free iPhones, iPads in Steve Jobs memory. It is a scam!

Check this link out: “Free iPads in memory of Steve Jobs“, provided by Scameo a Facebook security blog.

The scam is most often distributed through Facebook. Usually, a friend in your contact list posts on his/her Wall that Apple is giving away for free 1000 iPhones, iPads as a commemoration for Steve Jobs. By pressing the provided link in the message the user will be taken to different websites where will be asked to take surveys and most notably could also get  malwares/viruses on his computer or being taken over his Facebook account. Note that you Facebook friend did not post the message by herself/himself, but the message was posted there through spam or a virus. Don’t blame you friend but simply ask him/her remove the post.


-do not press any of these links, remember: no one is giving anything for free ever! This scam is not new at all, it happens all the time when a famous person or celebrity passes away.

-ask your Facebook friends that have posted on their wall such an announcement to remove it from their Wall. Do not comment on their wall but send them a private message to ask them remove the post, and this helps to keep you protected against viruses or to simply losing your time in lengthy and unpaid surveys.

This scam method is called hoax. Check here another Artcile provided by Reuturs: “Online scammers seek to profit from the death of Steve Jobs”

Any questions can be submitted to:

Additional information can be found at:

Have you already received such as message? Do you know about Steve Jobs related scams that you would like to share with us?

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