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Leveraging Social Media in the Workplace & Being Aware of Risks from the Stakeholders’ Perspectives

E-Crime Expert welcomes Fleming Europe as a guest.  Please find bellow their announcements about a very interesting event held between September 27-28, 2012 in Dublin, where E-Crime Expert is invited as a speaker:

“In the corporate world, HR used to be the last to adapt to change. It was mostly because they are the keepers of policy, procedure, order, and the employee. They were though the keeper of the employee only until social media has taken over the world and changed the game in exposure, privacy and data protection.


Come to our event and adapt to these changes.

Request the agenda.


27 – 28 September 2012, Dublin


By joining us  for the set of the intensive days you will learn about…

Discovering the SECONDINTERNET : the social nature of the web


HR Handling Social Media EXPOSURE AND PRIVACY of future and current employees

SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS – Measuring Employee and Customer Feedbacks in the “Cyberspace”


SOCIAL MEDIA RISKS to avoid: lawsuits, regulatory violations, security breaches, etc.

ACHIEVING ALIGNMENT with Corporate Goals

TECH-SPOTLIGHTs: Employing Mobile Apps, Social Networks and Collaboration Models in HR

This premier cross-industry HR event is
aimed at Senior Executives responsible for Talent, Recruiting, Knowledge Management, Employee Engagement and Learning, Communication Executives responsible  forEmployerBranding, Internal Communication   andSocialMedia as well as at Data Protection Officers, Privacy Experts and E-crime Professionals!

Benefit from:

–      Award Winning Speakers

–      Getting in touch with the most innovative tools like Geo-Social Talent AttractionandAugmented Realitythat maximize the cadidate experience and the social impact of your company while offering digitalized info about erveything and everybody

–      Keeping the pace with innovation via interactive learning sessions on using social media externally & internally, social media risks and professional development of HR people via social media

–      Becoming a part of executive group of peers discussing different social media strategies and developing future business contacts

–      SPECIAL FEATURE: “Crowd Competence SourcingSession via a built-in UNCONFERENCE

Are you interested in exploring the most ‘viral’ social network issues?

Do you want to seize the opportunity to gain valuable contacts and useful information?

..or you are just curious how the ‘Big Brother’ will become ‘Big Social’?

Request the agenda!

Looking forward to meet you in September, in the Silicon Valley of Europe!

PeterNovak, Marketing Manager, Fleming Europe
Tel: +421 257 272 335  Fax: +421 255 644 490″


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