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Employers’ risks of allowing the use of Facebook during office hours

After presenting different types of risks which involve the use of Social Network Services, today E-Crime Expert is presenting to you which are the risks (from the employer perspective) of using Facebook for example, at work. Nonetheless, using SNS at work has benefits due to the wealth of information available on these platforms:

– professional networking

– peer group collaboration among external field professionals

– research

– learning and training

But using SNS at work there can be possible risks employers are exposed to.


– IT issues

– Security and privacy concerns

Risks searching Facebook to make recruitment decisions

– Productivity Loss

– Inappropriate content and behaviour online

– Viruses

To see in depth how and why these risks occur, see the video bellow:

To download the presentation please click here.


– security tools can protect the business from risks associated with the use of social media

– don’t assume your Mac is safe from virus attack because it isn’t

– run frequent virus scans

– read the FACEBOOK SECURITY web page at the Facebook website often for the daily updates.

– never click on an unknown link that ends in an EXE.

– a clear email and Internet usage policies are still the first line of defense

– block Facebook access altogether, monitor usage and moderate its content

– implement policies regarding the usage of Facebook and other social networking sites at work to ensure employees are not putting their businesses at risk

– the most important is to provide training on how to use, when, for what purpose, these communication tools

– to provide hands out, brochures and tutorials

– could be cheaper to hire an expert for providing training and materials than covering the costs which may occur from an inappropriate usage of SNS at work

– follow-up training sessions could also help as the technological developments change so fast.

Any questions about this campaign or video can be submitted to:dan@e-crimeexpert.com

Additional information can be found at: www.e-crimeexpert.com

What did you think about this video? Do you think that these risks apply to you as well? Would you be interested in providing such a training sessions to your company or co-workers?

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