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Cloud computing and the Internet part I

From the same series that aims to contribute to a better understanding regarding why privacy and personal data are so vulnerable in relation to the Internet and its adjacent services/platforms today, E-Crime Expert shows in two different posts (today and tomorrow), what cloud computing is and how it works.

According to Forrester, “Cloud Computing is buying Information Technology (IT) capacities and utilities as need for a utility provider”. Cloud computing is the IT capabilities delivered as an internet-based service, software or IT infrastructure by a service provider accessible through the Internet protocols and accessible from any terminal (e.g. computer or smartphone). These services could be accessible through pay-per-use, pay-as-you-go or the provider could support it from the revenue generate by advertising (e.g. Google docs). One of its main characteristics is customer self-service, which means that the customer needs no assistance in uploading, modifying, accessing her files, applications, documents, etc. It is accessible anytime and anywhere, and has instant scalability.

Cloud computing is delivered under three forms: software as a service (SaaS); Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS).

Software as a service is when someone needs, for example, to create a word document; the person goes on Google docs where the word processor is located and creates the document without having Microsoft Office installed on her computer. The document is created on the server by having access to Google docs, which is a software being used as a service.

Infrastructure as a service is when a business, for example, does not have the technical capabilities to store all its information in house and they need to store and access it on a server. That server is the host that provides service in storing the data. That service rents the infrastructure (e.g storage medium) to the client.

Platform as a service is when the provider offers facilities for application design, development, testing, computer coding or hosting. For example, GoDaddy is a platform service provider as it offers website hosting services to its clients. Another example related to this research is Facebook, which provides the platform for its clients to upload photos, videos, play games, send messages, etc.

Stay tunned for the second part of this blog tomorrow.

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Did you know what cloud computing is? Do you realize that already you are using it?

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