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How to adjust the new Facebook privacy settings

As posted on my previous blog regarding Facebook’s privacy settings, now these new settings started to roll-out for users. Note that these privacy settings may not yet be available for everyone in the same day as not all users get them in the same time (geographical position, time, etc). So keep an eye out when they’re implemented so you can change your settings.

First of all, once the new settings are available for your account you will be offered a tour of those new settings. But let’s say you miss this tour somehow, so this would not be any problem.

Here are the tips:

1) What you post on your wall can be customized for a particular audience: press the roll down menu “Friends” and select: “Public, Friends or Custom”. After you made your selection, click “Post”.







If you chose the “Custom” setting, then select the list of people to whom you want make it visible: “Make this visible” to: “These people” (drop down menu) and if selected specific people, start typing them in the bellow field as in the picture. You want to hide your post from someone, then in the “Hide this from” filed type the name of the people you do want to have access to your post, place, picture, etc. Hit “Save change” after you made your selection.








2) Also when you check someone in a Place you have the option to select your audience your are displaying this info to: it works the same like described above. Click the “Who are you with” button and after select form the roll down menu the audience you like for your post/check in friend: “Public”, Friends” or “Custom”.








The same works when you want to post your location: Click the “Where are you” button and then select your audience as described above.






3) Settings you can make by default now to your privacy account settings:

First you go in your “Account” (far right on your screen) and then select from the roll down menu the “Privacy settings” tab as shown below:












Then, you select the desired privacy setting you want to adjust from the screen by clicking the “Edit settings” or “Manage…” button on the right, as shown bellow:








I. Select “How to connect”, click “Edit settings”, then you will be prompted by a new screen with several fields that can be adjusted such as: “Who can look up your profile by name or contact info?”, etc. and then from the roll-down menu select one of the fields you can adjust there such as: “Everyone”, “Friends of Friends” and “Friends”. It works the same for the rest of the fields you can adjust there.








II. Also, you can manually approve posts you are tagged in before they go on your profile: From “How tags work” menu (see above), select “Enter Profile Review” submenu and there select “Turn On Profile review” option, hit “Done”. From now one you can review before posting, any post that tags you before going to your profile.









III. From “How tag works” menu, select “Profile visibility” submenu and there click the roll-down menu on the right where you can select your by default audience.








IV. From “How tag works” menu, select “Tag suggestions” submenu and here you can enable or disable the option to be tagged in a picture by a Friend.








V. From “How tag works” menu, select “Friends can Check you into Places” submenu and you can enable or disable from the roll-down menu in the right, the option when Friends can check you using the old mobile app. Click “Okay” after you made your selection.








VI. From “How tag works” menu, select “Turn On Tag Review” submenu and click “Turn on Tag Review” option then hit “Done”, in order to review the tags friends add to your content before they appear on Facebook.









This is a brief tutorial on how to adjust your Facebook’s privacy settings after Facebook released its new privacy settings, which in my opinion, give more privacy control to the users.

If you have any question, contact: dan@e-crimeexpert.com

For more info, visit: www.e-crimeexpert.com

How do you find the new privacy settings? Is this short tutorial explanatory enough for you? Can you easily understand how to adjust your privacy settings now? Have you already adjusted your privacy settings?

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