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E-Crime Education for Seniors

Awareness campaigns could help prevent crimes before they happen or need to be investigated and/or punished by providing adequate “e-education” and awareness campaigns tailored to specific types of users (i.e. by age groups).

E-Crime expert found that each age group of Internet users such as teenagers, adults and seniors, has its own reasons for using the Internet, ways of using the Internet, understanding of Internet usage, understanding of cyber threats, etc.

The video titled “E-Crime Education for Seniors: Creating Awareness & Educating Senior Citizens on Safe Internet Usage” (below) is part of a series developed by E-Crime Expert, which aims to combat cybercrime and cyber threats by creating content tailored to specific audiences based on their age group.

Why focus on senior users in addition to other demographic groups?

1) Education programs already exist and are in place for other groups such as children and teenagers and there is no reason why seniors should be overlooked

2) Seniors are fast growing group of Internet users and they may eventually exceed the regular user group due to the baby-boomers retiring

3) Internet crimes such as identity theft are common and the methods change rapidly so users must remain informed so that they do not become victims of cyber criminals

4) The European Commission identified “elders” as a disadvantaged group in regards to e-inclusion & ICT usage

This campaign aims to:

Increase the safety of internet users (in this case seniors aged 60+ years), through easy-to-understand content tailored to their age group (i.e. focusing on the media they use the most often). And to help to reduce the gaps among ICT usage in order to diminish social exclusion, improve economic performance, provide employment opportunities, and a better quality of life for seniors.

Any questions about this campaign or video can be submitted to:

Additional information can be found at: www.e-crimeexpert.com

To download the presentation please click here

What did you think about this video? Do you think providing age-specific education programs would be helpful for Internet users? Would you be interested in supporting such a campaign?

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Our motto: “an informed user, makes an informed decision”.

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