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Welcome to E-Crime Expert blog

This blog aims to expose:

  • the newest information on privacy and data protection
  • the latest e-crime trends, news, and scam methods
  • the newest information on identity theft

and provide:

  • awareness videos and tutorials, articles and educational programs
  • information on the current legislation
  • support, prevention measures and legal advice

I look forward to your comments, suggestions, criticisms and constructive contributions and possible collaborations.

The main goal of E-Crime Expert is to:

  • make the Internet a safer place and the user better protected and more knowledgeable in order to be one step ahead e-criminals and scammers
  • help the user protect their personal data and privacy (as important human rights)
  • help the user protect their intellectual property rights as just through innovation the human kind can advance

“An informed user, makes an informed decision!”

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